Let’s Make History

We are one day from the end of what has been for me a 10-month campaign.  I started this process because no one else had stepped up to run for the Democratic Party nomination for state representative in LD 14.  It has been a learning experience.

I’m glad I did it.  It taught me a lot about myself and took me out of my comfort zone.

Tomorrow is not just another Tuesday. Tomorrow let’s make history.  We can do that by having a huge turnout of voters.  No matter whom you are supporting, what party you belong to, or if you are left, right, or in the middle, you can be a part of one of the most important obligations of democracy – voting.

On election day we are all equal.  Each of us has one vote – it is our moment. Do not think that your one vote doesn’t matter. By showing up to vote in massive numbers we are saying that we will be heard!  It is our message to politicians.

I’m ready for the judgment of the voters.  LET’S VOTE!

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