My Answers to Clean Elections Commission Compass Questions

The Arizona Citizen's Clean Elections Commission provides voter information on issues through their online Candidate Compass.  Several months ago I answered their questions which are now available at the website.  I'm including my answers here.  In several cases limited space did not allow for nuance in some responses.

Legalization of recreational marijuana

No.  I don't believe there is a huge demand for legalization at this time.  California has just started legalized recreational use.  Let's see how that works for the largest state population before we jump in with law.

Do you believe the current system to drawing legislative and congressional districts should be changed?

No.  I strongly support the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission and believe that it must be kept independent of political influence.  We do not need to have political parties and politicians controlling the redistricting process.

Do you support a tax increase to provide additional funding for K-12 and/or Higher Education in Arizona?

Yes.  We face hard choices about the continued lack of funding of public school education in Arizona.  A tax increase is one solution; another is to roll back tax credits and corporate tax exemptions that starve Arizona revenue.

Do you support expanding the voucher program for private schools?

No.  Tax dollars should not be taken away from our public schools to support private schools.  Investment in public school education is the best was to ensure success for Arizona students.

Do you support tax incentives as a way to attract more jobs and new industries?

No.  I don't believe they work in attracting good-paying jobs. The southeast rural counties that I will represent have previously not received the benefits of these sorts of tax breaks.  We need to stop giving money away to special interests.

Do you support the taxation of digital goods?

Yes.  Taxing digital goods levels the playing field for local physical stores.  I will support extending TPT tax to digital goods with the understanding that there will be NO reduction in other taxes to offset this tax. Amazon, Walmart and other major retailers are already collecting this tax. The state needs this revenue.

Do you think accepting donations from special interest groups impacts legislative decision-making?

Yes.  I would hope not, but the reality is that it at least affects access.  Special interests that donate will get heard.  I believe that, if elected, I will listen to everyone and make decisions based on what is best of the people of my district and the state as a whole.

Do you think gun reforms need to be made to ensure safety in schools and other public places?

Yes.  Gun reform is a broad subject.  Better background checks and closing the gun-show loop hole.  Better reporting to national databases.  Better mental health services for students.


Do you think income requirements for KidsCare should be lowered?

Yes.  I believe access to KidsCare needs to be as broad as possible.  There needs to be adjustment in waiting periods and income requirements.


Do you think that states should proactively write laws for new industries like autonomous vehicles and other new technologies?

No.  I'm not against regulation of new technologies.  But a reasonable amount of time and study needs to take place before we write laws.  Bad laws that might not address issues that emerge over time go on the books and do not get changed when we rush to legislate without all the facts.

Do you think there should be more accountability for Arizona charter schools?

Yes.  Both academic and financial oversight and transparency needs to increased to stop abuse and misuse of tax dollars.


Should the Legislature be responsible for filling vacant U.S. Senate/Congressional seats?

No.  There is no good solution here.  The governor should have the responsibility to appoint someone to fill a vacant seat for a period of no more than six months. If there is no primary election scheduled prior to that time, then a special election should be required.


Should WIC, SNAP and other social welfare programs be more strictly regulated?

N/A  I do not know all the regulations regarding these programs.  All programs that use tax dollars should be reviewed on a regular basis.  However, I do not want to specifically say that these programs need to be more strictly regulated than other programs.  The legislature should perform the function that it is elected to do which is provide oversight on state programs.


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