The Big Lie: What Does “Pro-Education” Really Mean?

Another in the series on the big lie.  It is rather laughable that our LD 14 Republican candidates claim that they are “Pro-Education”.  What they really mean is that they are pro privatizing education in the state of Arizona.  Our LD 14 state representatives have consistently voted to expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, which are vouchers, they support proposition 305 which would potentially expand ESA to the entire 1.1 million public school student population.  They have voted to cut funding for state university and college system.  They call teachers who want better pay “socialists”.


I do not see this as being pro-education.  I support dedicated, sustainable funding for public schools.  Money for this funding should come from rolling back corporate tax breaks, special exemptions and sales tax credits until we reach national median pay for educators as well as national median class size. Charter schools, which are public schools, need increased academic and financial oversight and transparency to stop abuse and misuse of tax dollars.


I also support lowering the cost of college for Arizona state residents by returning state funding back to prior levels.  It is time to invest in higher education which creates an educated workforce ready for our current economy that will encourage business to expand operations in our rural counties.

I am a NO vote on proposition 305.  Dig underneath the rhetoric to see which candidates are actually pro-education.

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