Vote No on Proposition 126

I’m not for taxing services, but I am voting No on Proposition 126.  This is a cynical attempt by the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) (disclosure:  I used to be a Realtor, but no longer am) to permanently exempt all sorts of services from any sort of sales tax.  There has been no serious sentiment in the legislature for such a tax.  Yet AAR, flush with PAC money, basically extorted from their members, wanted to flex its political muscle and ram through this exemption.

I strongly believe that you do not write into the state constitution tax exemptions that will create winners and losers in the economy. This has the potential of shifting future taxes to those businesses not granted the exemption under this law. We elect the governor and legislators to set tax policy.  Ballot propositions should only be used in extreme cases where the government refuses to act.  Other than a few special interests, there is no political backing for this proposition.  Don’t let the ridiculous scare tactics of the Yes camp mislead you.

Vote NO.


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