Greenlee County Democrats LD 14 Candidate’s Forum – June 8, 2018

A big thank you to the Greenlee County Democratic Party for hosting a LD 14 candidate panel last night up in beautiful Clifton, AZ. I had a great time sharing the dais with three other LD 14 candidates Mendy GomezShelley For Arizona and Jaime Alvarez. I seem to be in very intent conversation with Shelley.  I want to thank David Bell for sharing the picture on twitter. I never seem to remember to get pictures at campaign events. I'm learning!

This was my first time in Clifton, Arizona which is absolutely beautiful.  Sitting among the mountains.  We met at the historic Clifton Train Station a step back in time to the era of passenger service via rail in that part of the state.  Everybody was so friendly.  I had a great time.  Good questions, and respectful conversation among the candidates.  It was a wonderful way to start the campaign season after qualifying for the ballot.

A special thank you to Greenlee Democratic Party County Chair Susan Breen for inviting all of us up to Clifton.

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