SB 1394 – Requires women to say why they want an abortion

Update 5-16-18: SB1394 Signed into law by Governor Ducey.

SB 1394 requires a women seeking an abortion to tell state health officials exactly why.  Abortion providers and other medical personnel would have a series of new requirements for reporting.  These include number of women served, the specialty of the physician performing the procedure, the type of facility where the abortion was performed and additional medical data.

Bob Karp on SB 1394:  Another attempt by the Arizona Republican majority to chip away at women's reproductive rights.  A specious argument that collecting this information is designed to help women by having the state health department gather this information is dishonest.  Let's call this what it really is.  A way to intimidate, and shame women seeking medical advice and help.  Government mandates about conversations between patients and their medical providers is repugnant.

Are men ready to have to explain to the state why they want a vasectomy or get a prescription for Viagra?  No?  I thought not.

Every legislative session Republican lawmakers continue their all out attack on choice.  Enough.  The government should stay out of the medical lives of its citizens. I find this outrageous and morally repugnant and will not support  any restrictions on a women's right to choose.

Iowa just passed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country.  Republicans in Arizona will be emboldened to try the same next legislative session.  We need to stop this now!

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