AZ State Senator Yarbrough Kills English Language Learners Reform Bill

HB 2435 a bill that passed the Arizona House by a vote of 56 - 1!  From the 4-11-18 Arizona Star: "A bill that would allow students learning English to spend two hours of their school day focusing solely on learning the language, rather than four hours, appears to be dead at the State Capitol.

The bill has support from a diverse coalition of business and education groups, including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona Charter School Association and the Arizona School Board Association, which say the change would help improve the dismal outcome for Arizona's English-language learners."

The Arizona Capitol Times reported Monday that Yarbrough said he will likely not allow HB 2435 to have a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee, which he chairs. The measure, and another bill aimed at allowing English-language learners to enroll in dual language programs, rather than the four-hour block of English immersion, have been stuck in that committee for nearly a month.

The bills are major priorities for several Southern Arizona school districts.

Educators and groups supporting HB 2435 argue that the four-hour block, which is among the strictest English-language learner laws in the nation, is detrimental to many English learners because it segregates them and doesn't allow enough time in the school day to take other required classes."

Bob Karp on HB 2435:  Let's find solutions that work for Arizona students rather than keep policies that have continued to fail just to adhere to some rigid political orthodoxy.  Republican leadership has used its power to stop bipartisan legislation from even getting a vote.  It's time for new leadership.

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