A Big Win for Students in Cochise County

ASU & Cochise College will partner to offer undergraduate bachelor's degrees starting in the fall 2018.  Two majors will be the first subject areas offered:  Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership and Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Leadership.

The degrees will be offered at a reduced tuition rate and ASU believes that these majors will address the workforce needs in the Cochise County area.

I am thrilled with this news.  Bringing four year degrees to Cochise College is as big win for students and the area.  The goal of aligning education to workforce requirements will encourage more employers to come to Cochise County and provide good-paying jobs.

I am very interested in how the state can help ASU and Cochise College expand this program to additional majors, as well as create greater access to higher education opportunities.  I have been studying programs in other states that offer "free college for all", looking to see how we can apply that concept to our rural counties in southeast Arizona.

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