Meet the new RINOs – Another Power Grab by Republican State Legislators

Another attempt by Arizona Republicans to preempt local government. I am not in favor of taxing "sugary" drinks. It's a stupid idea for several reasons. (First, I'm not in favor of using tax policy to drive personal behavior.  Second, this sort of thing rarely works and we are better served by making the case for healthier alternatives.  Consumers are already moving away from sugar drinks and towards other beverages like water.)  But Arizona Republican local state legislators who say the believe in "local control" are only too eager to take that responsibility away from cities & counties.  It's time this power grab stops. Let's have new leadership in southeast Arizona.

Editorial from the Herald Review - March 20, 2018

Another example of state government playing the role of “big brother” happened Friday when Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation prohibiting cities and counties from enacting local ordinances to tax sugary drinks.


This was legislation sought by the supermarket industry to stop a national trend that has local communities adding a tax on sodas and other drinks high in sugar to discourage consumers from buying a product that rots teeth and contributes to obesity, along with all sorts of other health maladies.


The lobbyist for the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance argued to a House committee last month that it’s not government’s role to influence consumer behavior. Of course, if that were true, “the government” would have to give back the hundreds of millions in taxes collected on tobacco products, including in Arizona.


Regardless of your opinion on our government’s role in taxing sugary drinks, the fact that state lawmakers are growing comfortable passing legislation that tells cities and counties what they can and can’t do is further evidence of a need for change at the Capitol.


All three LD14 legislators supported HB 2484 before it landed on the governor’s desk.


This is an issue that goes beyond party politics. This isn’t about conservative versus liberal or Republican against Democrat.

This is about officeholders who believe it’s the state’s role to dictate what cities can and can’t do. We saw it in Bisbee with the plastic bag ordinance and we witnessed it in Tucson where the police are now prohibited from destroying guns that are turned in or confiscated.


State Republicans — and our own LD14 representatives can be included — are paying lip service to the party’s principle of less government. They refer to this fundamental belief when it’s campaign season, luring voters with a promise that they will go to Phoenix trying to reduce regulation and repeal unnecessary laws.


When they get elected, just the opposite happens.


Our locally-elected representatives are “Republicans in name only” when it comes to imposing state authority and enabling state overreach. They consistently support more state government authority and more state regulation of local government.


That violates the party’s conservative principle of less government, and less regulation.


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