Something Good from Bad Federal Tax Bill

Deep in the new federal tax law, which I consider bad policy, is a provision that might benefit Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties.  Governor Ducey is about to choose up to 168 areas in the state to become “opportunity zones” which will be funded through the recently-passed tax law.  These census tracts need to meet certain requirements regarding income and poverty.  Our counties may have several such areas.


Rural counties such as Cochise, Graham and Greenlee, have a continuing need for economic development funds.  The selected areas would be eligible for projects such as new businesses, improving infrastructure and possibly investing in existing businesses to promote economic development.  The governor wants to hear from local governments as to what they need.


As a candidate for State Representative in LD 14 I urge our State Senator and State Representatives to work with city & county officials to make a strong case for a selection of one or more zones in Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties.

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