Wasting Time at the Capitol – SB 1289

SB 1289 would allow public schools to publish the English language version of state motto "Ditat Deus" which translates to "God enriches.  The state motto currently appears on the state seal in Latin.

This all seems harmless enough, however it does draw the ire of atheists who do not believe that the schools should "promote a belief in God."  That's not the over reaching issue here, even if it is a valid point.

It is simply one of priorities.  LD 14 State Senator Gail Griffin proposed a bill that does nothing to improve education in our public schools.  As the Sierra Vista Herald indicated in a March 8, 2018 editorial "Whether Arizona allows its motto to be translated to English in public classrooms has little impact on the failure of our Legislature to adequately provide for the educational opportunities of the students in those classrooms."

As of this date no budget has been published while our local elected officials propose bills that allow them to "look good" when they stand for reelection.

Bob Karp on SB 1289.  I'm not voting for this type of nonsense legislation that shows no purpose other than to make some political capital with an interest group.  Time should be spent on proposing a budget that really improves public school education as well as working to solve real issues facing the state.  Stop wasting time and get to work!


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