A Terrible Idea from State Rep. Drew John

Arizona State Representative Drew John (R-Safford), who represents legislative district 14 has proposed a major change in the Arizona state election system.  HCR 2006 would have state representatives term go from two years to four years, if passed by the voters.  So far this idea has not gone far, but as of February 27, 2018 it still has a chance for reconsideration in two weeks.

Bob Karp on changing the term of Arizona state representatives:  Another crazy idea that has little to do with improving the lives of Arizona citizens.  Yes, it does seem like 2 year terms create a situation where elected officials are always running for office. And yes, it does take time to learn the job.  Yet, we almost never see our state senator or state representatives.  The only way we can hold them accountable is at the ballot box.  While there seems to be a revolving door of LD 14 Republican office holders going from state senate to state house, let's not make it any easier for them!

A last point - 2 year terms seem good enough for the US House of Representatives.  Certainly if you want to run for state representative you should be able to work hard and learn the job quickly!

The Sierra Vista Herald in a February 27, 2018 editorial summed it up very nicely, "Two things dominate the Legislature:  Republicans and incumbents.  It may take a year for John and other new lawmakers to learn how our state government works, but most aren't  spending a lot of time on the campaign trail answering to constituents when it's time for re-election.  We prefer the system as it is, which holds our elected officials accountable and answerable to voters every two years."

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