HB 2153 – Limit Campaign Contribution Reporting for Local Government

HB 2153 which would block municipal governments from enforcing simple disclosure requirements in their own local elections, is likely to be debated in Committee of the Whole in front of the full House of Representatives before the end of this week. 

Update February 14, 2018:  HB 2153 passed the AZ House on a vote of 33-25.  It now goes to the AZ Senate.

Comments from Bob Karp on Arizona bill HB 2153:  Again the Republican dominated legislature is intent on usurping the powers and role of local government to determine what is best for their constituents.  I believe that too often the tendency is for state government to over step its authority and try to legislate governance that should be left to local elected officials.

This certainly is related to the move against "dirty money" that is happening at the state level with the filing of the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative which is attempting to qualify for the November ballot.  

I'm skeptical of legislation like HB 2153.  I will follow its progress through the legislative process.  

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