HB 2586 – LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill – Not Even a Hearing?

HB 2586 would amend Arizona anti-discrimination laws making the following illegal:  fire someone from their job, deny housing or refuse service because they are gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender.  For the last decade this type of bill has been introduced by Democrats, but not gone any where.  Many cities in the state such as Tucson, Phoenix and Chandler already have ordinances on the books.

Now things have changed quite a bit.  For the first time, a Republican legislator has agreed to co-sponsor the bill.  State Senator Kate Brophy McGee (R-Phoenix) has signed on.  (A big shout out to Senator McGee for courage.)

Here's the problem.  In order for the bill to move forward it needs to get a hearing in the powerful Judiciary Committee.  Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R-Gilbert) the chair of the committee has indicated  that he is not inclined to allow the hearing.  Why?  Because he disagreed with the proposal.

Bob Karp on HB 2586:  I don't appreciate elected officials arrogance in not even allowing a fair discussion of an issue in which they are not in agreement.  It is outrageous that there will be no hearing on this matter.  As a gay man, I believe in anti-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community.  I'm proud to say that the real estate industry (of which I am a member) has soundly come out in favor of non-discrimination whether or not there is state or local laws on the books.  Realtors® and other real estate professionals have led the way as a tenet of the way they do business.

As of the date of this post no hearing has been scheduled.  Schedule a hearing! 

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