HB 2507 – Attorney’s Fees for Legal Actions Regarding Construction Defects

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) opposes HB 2507 which limits plaintiff's ability to recover attorney's fees EVEN if they prevail in a legal action to recover damages for new residential construction defects.  According to AAR, homeowners potentially could lose leverage in getting defects fixed by the home builder.  Without the potential to receive attorney fees, taking a builder to court may be too expensive.

Bob Karp on HB 2507:  Having previously been president of the Southeast Arizona Association of REALTORS(® Inc. in 2015 I listen closely to what AAR has to say on specific legislation.  (Full disclosure:  I'm no longer a Realtor) I do not always agree with their stand.  In this case I am in total agreement.  A NO vote is correct.  Homeowners need every bit of protection that they can get.  Most home builders are honest reputable, and professional.  In fact right now I'm in the process of purchasing a home being built for me by a local builder in Sierra Vista whom I have complete faith in.  But there are too many bad apples building homes and the public needs protection.

I urge the legislature to vote HB 2507 down.

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