Yesterday in Douglas, AZ

I was delighted to be at a gathering of Democratic Party activists from the Douglas, Arizona area yesterday (Saturday February 10, 2018).  They filled the room to hear from a Pima County party outreach coordinator who spoke about what opportunities there are for  involvement at the local level.  Great energy in the room and I learned a lot about what is on the mind of people in this vibrant boarder community.

A special shout out to the ladies from Portal, Arizona who were just delightful and so welcoming to me.  They even took some of my nomination petitions to get signatures up in Portal.

The big challenge to candidates is the feeling that only during campaigns when candidates want votes or money do we bother to engage with the people of Douglas.  I have strong feelings about pushing for the expansion of the Douglas port of entry and I know that I need to be aware that much more needs to be done for the people of that corner of the state.  I pledge to spend more time in Douglas between now and election day.  And if I'm lucky enough to be elected to the Arizona Sate House of Representatives, I will be a regular presence in Douglas.

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