Arizona Governor Ducey (R) signed a 2017 law to expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), generically known as school vouchers (although supporters and the Arizona State Supreme Court disagree to that description), for more students in K-12 schools.   The proposed expansion is open to all public school students with some limitations as to grade.  The expansion is also capped at approximately 35,000 students or .5% of the total public school population.  The implementation of this law is on hold due to a referendum that challenges the law, Proposition 305.

Proposition 305, a veto referendum, allows the Arizona electorate to either approve of the expansion or reject the law.

Bob Karp on Empowerment Scholarship Accounts:  I am not in favor of any expansion of ESAs.  I believe that regardless of what we call them, their purpose is to divert desperately need funds from the public school system to private schools.  I am concerned that "school choice" in this case means moving taxpayer monies to schools that have little accountability.  ESA funds tend to be a subsidy for upper-income families to send their children to private schools.  The amount provided through the ESA program will not be enough to allow middle-class or lower income families to pay most private school tuition.  

I am a NO vote on Proposition 305.  A NO vote is to reject the law and expansion of the ESA program in Arizona.

The state’s commitment should be to our public schools.  Instead of a war on the public schools, the state can be more proactive in finding solutions that work to create a better outcome for students.

For more information on Proposition 305 - Click Here 

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